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Q2 2021: where are the gaps in China’s dental market?

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There’s a lot of potential in China’s dental market. With a population of 1.45 billion, it’s estimated that the treatment rate reaches only 4.3% out of an incidence rate of more than 50%, according to a specialist we interviewed, indicating massive undertreatment and scope for much further expansion. As living standards and people’s disposable income continue to improve, not only is more of the population able to afford better dental care, but cosmetic dentistry is also on the rise. Through Interviews with experts working in this segment, Third Bridge Forum has gained insights into the industry landscape and key players.

Giving some scope of the market size, a former regional general manager from Beijing Arrail Shengbin Medical Technology Co Ltd (Arrail Group) stated that: “As of last year, China had about 100,000 dental institutions, about 200,000 dentists and more than 800 dental hospitals. In 2019, the dental market’s consumption was RMB 139.8bn.” Out of this, “RMB 20bn came from dental implant services and RMB 30bn from orthodontics.” While they noted a loss of about 2.2 billion teeth, only 2.46 million people received treatment.

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