Making an impact at Third Bridge

Third Bridge is committed to upholding a strong ESG framework. This is about doing the right thing. We also believe that ingraining ethical practices into our operations will make our business stronger and stimulate future growth.

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Doing the right thing

People make Third Bridge what it is. Not only do we support our staff’s career progression and aim for a diverse and inclusive environment, but we also strive to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

Adhering to ESG principles is another of Third Bridge’s core beliefs. At a time when the fight against climate change is reaching a critical point, ensuring that our business practices protect the environment is imperative.

Adopting these approaches will benefit all our stakeholders.


Our people

Who value ESG as part of company culture and values.

Our shareholders

Who demand transparency and integrity.

Our future investors

Who increasingly focus on ESG in addition to financial outcomes.

Key Pillars

Our ESG framework

Through this comprehensive approach, we will proactively make a positive difference – from our focus on developing and propelling our people’s career trajectories, to instilling ESG in our company’s operations.

Diversity and inclusion is also central to our beliefs, and we operate on the basis that our people are the lifeblood of our organisation.

A solid foundation


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Climate change is recognised as a real threat. By reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through a carbon footprint mitigation strategy, Third Bridge is playing its part in protecting the environment.

Diversity and inclusion

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Third Bridge aims to create an inclusive environment. Bringing together people with all kinds of backgrounds means that we can foster the best talent and obtain unique perspectives.

Social impact

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Third Bridge is committed to creating a positive social impact. Partnering with national and local organisations will allow us to help improve the communities where we operate.

Governance and ethics

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Promoting strong and transparent governance practices is essential for instilling trust in all our stakeholders. We will lead through complying with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Employee stories

Our initiatives

Here are some ways Third Bridge has been making a difference across its offices globally.


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