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Third Bridge hires and retains the best talent in our mission to democratise the world’s human insights and upend the traditional research model. In an industry facing declining fees and diminished research budgets, we attribute our continued growth to the quality of our people and the skills and knowledge they possess.

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Human insights
Better investment decisions

Third Bridge was founded on the belief that human insights drive better investment decisions.

To make well-informed investment decisions, our clients require access to the most relevant experts, their knowledge and their expertise. Third Bridge enables this through private consultations and exclusive content drawn from interviews with industry specialists.

When our clients are seeking new investment opportunities, tracking existing investment theses or looking for new ideas, they come to us.

What we believe


The critical information that gives investors and decision-makers an advantage resides in people’s minds


The most powerful insights are the product of experience, skills, observation, and expertise


Extracting this knowledge depends on a fundamental understanding of markets and key drivers

Our Journey

A story of growth on a global scale

Since inception in 2007, our vision for delivering insight and market intelligence has evolved Third Bridge into a global research organisation with over 1,000 employees in offices across three continents.

Like all great stories, this one starts with a journey. Traveling in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, one of our founders discovered an intriguing place called the Third Bridge. As local lore went, it was the last bridge to cross before arriving in unexplored territory; a region that is difficult to find and demands commitment and determination to reach.

Third Bridge is not just a reminder of an extraordinary African adventure, but a perfect metaphor for what we do.

Our Journey

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