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Cut out the noise

Third Bridge helps credit investors identify key industry drivers and company-related issues that are regularly overlooked by conventional research.

From sector analysis to bottom-up fundamental research, our coverage provides clients with access to specialists who have the specific knowledge required for making informed investment decisions.

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Search for yield
Navigate challenging markets

Benign credit market conditions can conceal the risks that are lurking for issuers. Due to this, it has never been more important for investors to formulate their own view of an industry or company’s prospects through deep research.

Third Bridge’s unique product offering is integral to differentiating performance in this highly competitive market, in order to avoid pitfalls that might otherwise be overlooked and surface the details that will substantiate an investment thesis.

Sourcing new credit opportunities that have an underlying, viable business

Ability to tackle capital structure problems quickly

Understanding peer consensus opinion on fast-moving situations

Substantiating contrarian hypotheses to create alpha

Case Studies

Client success stories
Partner relationships

Our clients consist of some of the world’s largest credit traders, asset managers and hedge funds.

Read about how Third Bridge has helped credit investors during their investment process.

We look at companies dealing with enhanced risk exposure, so extracting nuanced information directly from those in the know is critical to success. Third Bridge is an absolute must-have for us.

Portfolio Manager, Leading European Distressed Debt Fund

Source ideas
Evaluate theses

Third Bridge Forum and Connections deliver unrivalled clarity for credit investors involved in sourcing new opportunities. Our products demystify unique market situations and enable our clients to track companies and sectors, to develop investment theses.

Our unique research approach enables us to unearth the information that helps investors navigate difficult conditions for stressed companies exposed to risks caused by either internal or external factors.

With access to our coverage of thousands of public and private companies with high-yield or distressed debt – traded and primary issuances – our clients have the detailed research required to stay informed throughout the investment process.

Idea generation

Fresh Secondary Opportunities

Access historical Interview transcripts on more liquid credits where secondary investment opportunities are newly available

Trade ideas

Discover trade ideas by speaking to senior executives in specific distressed sectors


Historical insights

Understand the impact of special situations, key economic trends, management changes or issues with the health of the underlying business

Revisit credit story

Revisit the credit story of secondary investment opportunities

Gain perspectives

Gain perspectives and insights from specialists with specific– often niche – knowledge of markets or companies

Access contrarian views

Understand contrarian views on credit names or themes


Market trends

Track channel evolution of existing holdings

Portfolio exposure

Understand portfolio exposure to macroeconomic changes or events


Comprehensive analysis across industries

Third Bridge’s industry-specialised research team conducts over 8,500 Interviews per year, covering more than 5,000 public and 7,000 private companies.

Each 1-hour Forum Interview is transcribed and these transcripts are available to clients online and via our third-party distribution partners. Interviews are also accessible as a raw audio replay – pending audio quality and compliance reviews.


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