Mapping the world’s value chains

Value chain information is typically fragmented, unqualified and outdated.
Maps solves this problem.

Maps visually presents public and private company value chains in a single view, helping investors fast-track early-stage research within minutes, not days.

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We work with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and management consultancies to help them make better investment decisions.

When you’re trying to map out a lot of ideas, it’s very time inefficient. But being able to use Maps and look at the entire space - especially when it’s in a new geography... it solves a lot of that.

Global hedge fund

Maps is really great, especially at the very beginning to get a first picture on how the market is structured for new investments. It allows me to dig deeper into commercial partners.

European PE firm

Maps helps me identify new names and get my arms around the qualitative aspects of a company before digging into the financials. I like that I can see the relevant names from a competitive dynamics and comparable securities standpoint, and see how to think about the relative value.

US hedge fund

Why Maps

Our research analysts profile senior executives to capture their detailed knowledge about company value chains. These industry insights are synthesised to create each map, resulting in content found nowhere else in the world.

Maps allows our clients to identify market and competitive dynamics, prioritise their research focus, connect with the most suitable industry specialists, and seamlessly navigate to additional company coverage for a deeper dive.

Gain unique insights

Our specialists are selected based on their first-hand knowledge of an industry. They provide unique, nuanced insights on every map - including qualitative commentary, trending companies, and the strategic significance of entities.

Connect with the best specialists

Clients can view a contributing specialist’s familiarity heatmap to see what topics they would be best suited to discuss in a 1:1 Connections consultation and make a direct request - saving significant time in pre-qualification processes.

Discover curated Forum content

We leverage machine learning to provide curated Forum coverage at each juncture on a map, so clients can quickly navigate to the most relevant and timely company interviews and audio replays for deeper research.

Proprietary coverage model

Our coverage model ranks, filters, and prioritises private and public companies reflecting recent developments or long-term holdings. The result is timely, relevant coverage which enables investors to move with speed and conviction.


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Third Bridge Forum and Connections clients currently receive complimentary access to Maps.

How clients use us

Uncovering the value chain of a company is a complex and tedious process to undertake independently. By using Maps clients gain a snapshot of the entities and interdependencies in a company’s value chain within minutes, not days.

Clients across all asset classes confirm that Maps is an imperative tool, especially in the early stages of evaluation and deal screening. From revealing new deals/companies to approach, to identifying key competitors, suppliers and customers, and keeping abreast of new market entrants, our clients can obtain unique insights to validate prior research and bring focus to the right players.


How a map is created

Maps are the result of in-depth specialist profiling sessions conducted by our analyst team. A map visualises the specialist’s individual insights about a company, the ecosystem in which it operates, and its wider value chain.

Each map offers a unique perspective and nuanced insights from the contributing specialist. Maps specialists are carefully selected according to their first-hand experience and exposure to strategic decision making at the target company and/or associated business ecosystem.