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Connect with business leaders and investors to share your insights and opinions on a range of topics related to your area of expertise.

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A unique opportunity

Our clients require access to the most relevant experts and their insights in order to make the best investment decisions.

By engaging in direct dialogue with our clients and participating in interviews, our specialists are able to gain additional perspectives from some of the world’s leading investors and decision makers.

Knowledge sharing

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Critical investment decisions are influenced by our specialists’ insights. In return, they gain valuable perspectives related to their industries from our clients

New opportunities

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Our specialists gain greater exposure to the investment industry and business leaders by participating in interviews, engaging in in-person meetings, working on longer-term projects or becoming a member of a company’s board

Forum Interviews

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Participating in Third Bridge Forum Interviews gives our specialists an opportunity to share their insights with investment professionals and business leaders who are seeking to make better investment decisions


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Third Bridge offers compensation to our specialists for every engagement, including the option to donate payment to a specific charity


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Our strict compliance framework is designed to protect our specialists and avoid the disclosure of confidential information, material nonpublic information, investment advice and defamatory statements


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Our specialists often have colleagues or peers who also have invaluable expertise. Third Bridge's referral system ensures that all recommendations are followed up upon promptly


It's effortless

Third Bridge only contacts its specialists when a relevant opportunity arises.

Using our proprietary systems and technology, we facilitate all logistics, compliance checks and scheduling.

Our specialists' journey with us


Initial research

Identify our specialists' background and obtain a deeper understanding of their area of expertise


Connect specialist and topic

Connect our specialist with relevant client projects or interview topics


Specialist confirmation

Specialists confirm willingness to consult and their availability


Interview scheduled

Arrange a consultation or interview around our specialists' schedule


Interview conducted

The interview with a Third Bridge client or moderator takes place


Payment and feedback

Promptly process payment and request feedback on the specialist experience with us


Expert impact

Our specialists share their knowledge and insights with some of the world’s most prestigious investors and business leaders every day.

Read more from our clients about the positive impact Third Bridge has had on their professional decision-making and investing processes.

Specialist Hub

One profile
Optimal visibility

Our Specialist Hub is designed for efficiency.

It captures key information related to our specialists’ history, experience and previous engagements.

Relevant opportunities start here.

Getting started


Receive unique link


Submit biography and work history


Manage profile

Specialist Hub functionality

Update details

View consultation history

Check payment status

Maximising opportunity

Be responsive

In 90% of our client projects, the first interview is facilitated within 10 hours. Specialists that respond within three hours are twice as likely to be selected for engagement.

Stay up-to-date

We need as much information about our specialists as possible. Keeping specialist profiles current with new skills or experiences ensures that we can identify the most relevant interviews opportunities.

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