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Third Bridge enables equity investors to thoroughly understand companies and validate investment theses by helping them to make sense of data and stay abreast of the latest industry trends from some of the remotest corners of the world.

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Information overload
Challenging markets

Equity investors are finding it increasingly more difficult to generate alpha.

As a result, investors are looking for equity managers with unique offerings that satisfy specific needs.

Unique information is more difficult to find

Macro drivers dominate stock selection

Trades are crowded

Fees and regulatory pressure are rationalising research


Client success stories
Partner relationships

Our clients consist of some of the largest global asset managers and hedge funds.

Read about how Third Bridge has helped equity investors throughout their investment research processes.

What we like about Third Bridge is that it often takes our attention away from the consensus opinion pushed by other research providers, and that's where we typically get ahead of the market.

Portfolio Manager, Leading Global Equity Fund

Evaluate new ideas
Monitor existing holdings

No matter whether they are developing or revisiting an investment thesis, testing model inputs or tracking company or sector performance, Third Bridge Forum and Connections can help our clients make sense of all the data and noise.

With access to our coverage of over 12,000 public and private companies, as well as our deep industry expertise, our clients are able to fully utilise our research throughout the investment process.


Quickly get up to speed on a sector or company

Understand and monitor key economic drivers, trends, issues, events, and opinions

Obtain perspectives from private companies

Access contrarian viewpoints

Revisit investment theses and model assumption

Perform management due diligence


Track company or sector performance

Validate or review an investment thesis

Connect with experts who have tradable insights

Obtain read-through from "deep corners" in markets and regions

Track channel evolution

Understand portfolio exposure to macroeconomic changes or events


Comprehensive analysis across industries

Our industry-specialised researchers and moderators conduct in-depth Interviews with industry specialists to share authoritative insights, outside of Reg FD.

Using our proprietary data-driven factor model, our coverage spans over 5,000 public and 7,000 private companies across three continents in the seven most actively traded sectors.

Each 1-hour Forum Interview is transcribed and these transcripts are available to clients online and via our third-party distribution partners. Interviews are also accessible as a raw audio replay – pending audio quality and compliance reviews.


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