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Fuelling the world’s top investors and business leaders with research that drives smarter and faster decisions.

Who we work with

We’ve helped thousands of clients make better investment decisions with our market leading products and services.

Our clients leverage our relevant, timely and high-quality insights to inform all stages of their investment process, enabling them to focus on what matters and move with speed and conviction.


The Third Bridge difference

Our teams are uniquely trained to monitor key industries, stocks, macro-economic trends and deal flow in order to understand key performance and economic drivers, map competitive landscapes, deconstruct value chains and connect the dots across global industries and themes.

With over 1,300 employees located across eight offices worldwide, we know how to think globally whilst still providing a localised service.

Third Bridge research teams are:

Unbiased and completely independent

Acutely attuned to industry value chains and dynamics

Guided by local knowledge

Driven by proprietary research formulas and schedules

Trusted by 1,000+ clients, globally

We work with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and management consultancies to help them make better investment decisions.

In a high-stakes, competitive bid environment, we need speed and relevance when conducting due diligence. With Third Bridge, the two are not mutually exclusive, and it’s why we trust them to get us the insights and access we need for our clients.

Partner, PE consulting firm

The difference is you’re getting it from the horse’s mouth, and that’s very different to a lot of the other research which is based on general opinions about the environment or about a sector but not specific.

Mark Mobius, Mobius Capital Partners

Third Bridge's ability to understand the nuances and find the relevant experts who could connect the dots on a volatile and fast-moving issue gave us the conviction we needed to develop an investment strategy.

Analyst, US equity fund