Understand the opportunity
Identify the risks

From sourcing new opportunities all the way through to exit, Third Bridge provides private equity investors with the unbiased insights they require to get to "yes" or "no" decisions faster.

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Source deals
Understand markets

The PE landscape is more competitive than ever before, with an abundance of ‘dry powder’ chasing fewer deals in global jurisdictions.

PE investors need to quickly understand the market opportunity associated with a deal in order to ultimately make the right investment decision.

Adapt to competitive deal situations

Source deals to potentially pre-empt a process

Quickly understand the equity story of a business

Seek peer consensus opinion on a deal

Case Studies

Client success stories
Partner relationships

Our clients consist of some of the largest, global PE investors.

Read how Third Bridge has helped investors as they engage in their due diligence processes.

Third Bridge helps us ask better questions during diligence because we're more informed. Without fail, that leads to a better outcome for us and our LPs.

Partner, US Middle-Market Private Equity Firm
How Clients Use Us

Working with clients across the deal cycle

Third Bridge helps private equity investors understand the landscape, make sense of data and evaluate companies and markets throughout the entirety of the investment process.

Whether sourcing new deal opportunities, developing an investment thesis or performing deep due diligence, insights from Third Bridge Forum’s Interviews arm our clients with a deeper understanding of target companies, helping them to refine and ask the right questions during diligence. Our coverage of over 12,000 companies, with direct or indirect exposure to the value chain of private equity transactions, is unsurpassed in the market.

For clients evaluating a deal opportunity or searching for long-term operating partners, Third Bridge Connections sources and identifies the most relevant experts for private consultations.

From specialist insights to direct access to experts with in-depth knowledge, private equity investors get the intelligence they need from Third Bridge to make smarter investment decisions.

Early Stage

Validate assumptions in the IM

Quickly screen potential deals

Identify hidden red flags

Due Diligence

Gain insights from specialists with knowledge of niche companies or markets

Evaluate a thesis and refine questions for further due diligence

Get smart on a company by accessing unique content about the business

Portfolio Work

Identify potential add on acquisitions

Stay up to date with the industry

Source senior industry executives for board positions


Comprehensive analysis across industries

Third Bridge’s industry-specialised research team conducts over 8,500 Forum Interviews per year, covering private and public companies that are highly relevant to PE investors.

Our PE coverage methodology applies multiple factors to identify companies potentially approaching a transaction, including primary and secondary LBOs, pre-IPO, carve outs, P2Ps and PIPEs.

Each 1-hour Forum Interview is transcribed and these transcripts are available to clients online and via our third-party distribution partners. Interviews are also accessible as a raw audio replay – pending audio quality and compliance reviews.


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