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Carbon Black & the endpoint cybersecurity market

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With computer hacks and data breaches never far from the news, Third Bridge Forum gathered specialists in cybersecurity to probe into how companies of all sizes, types and sectors are preparing to operate in a new digital world – and what this means for those providing the means to do it. Within this series of Interviews, the specialists explained how regulators are stepping up their oversight, forcing company bosses to address their business model – and budgetary spend – in relation to a new digital future.

Operating in an Increasingly Cyber-conscious World

Once facing a tough sell to company boards, chief information and security officers are finding there is more room for discussion, with some directors realising cutting corners on cyber risk might be a false economy.

According to our specialists, on the provider side, the range of companies offering technology solutions continues to grow, with start-ups tackling new problems that existing suppliers have not yet acknowledged. Innovation is key to survival, they agreed, citing those pulling ahead of others who have become complacent, while cooperation between all sides is needed to ensure systems continue to “talk” to each other.

Within this huge scope of innovation, too, the shadow of the cloud-based solutions looms large as companies, and their staff, update their working practices to reflect a more mobile, flexible way of life. Company firewalls can no longer contain and protect customer and corporate data – and static systems will not flex to ensure operational security, both around the clock and the globe.

Technological change is imminent, driven by cybersecurity, corporate spend and the cloud. Expect consolidation as competition heats up, and with the arrival of increasingly complex solutions to currently undetected business problems.

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