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Ride-sharing update – Uber vs Lyft

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As innovation increases in the ride-sharing market, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former director at Lyft to discuss what the company – and its rival Uber – are doing to expand their offerings, and whether their current investments will succeed or fail.

Uber Versus Lyft: Who’s Winning in the Race for Market Share?

In the Interview, the former director disclosed that although Uber has invested in R&D for freight and autonomous vehicles, the freight side is not going particularly well for the American-based transport company. 

In addition, DoorDash is proving to be a headache for Uber Eats as it ups the ante in winning the US market, resulting in reduced market share for Uber. According to the ex-Lyft employee, Uber Eats is a “massive loss leader” for the firm. 

During the discussion with Third Bridge Forum, the former director gave his views on the likely timeline for profitability for both companies, and how regulatory changes in California concerning driver contracts could affect this timeline. 

The Interview probed how the ride-sharing industry will change over the next three to five years and who the potential winners and losers will be. As the increasing demand for bikes and scooters causes market share to shift to companies like Lime and Bird, Third Bridge Forum and the specialist examined whether this could result in mergers and acquisitions for Uber and Lyft as they eye up possible buyouts of these rental firms. 

The Interview also discussed who is better positioned to penetrate the car rental market. While the former employee believes Lyft may have the edge on this, he warned both Lyft and Uber face stiff competition from companies like Getaround and Turo. 

Finally, the Interview also hypothesised the best and worst-case scenarios for Lyft and Uber over the coming years, the vital components to ensure ongoing investor faith – and their survival. 

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