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In 2021, the Women at Third Bridge Group was created and through its inception, we have generated multiple initiatives which support the company’s strong sustainability framework and efforts to build an inclusive work environment. Third Bridge has an industry-leading ratio of women to men in management positions in the financial services industry, at 59% women and 41% men. This is significantly above the national average in Europe, India, China and the US. For us, gender is no barrier to aspiration and our Women at Third Bridge Group is here to champion this.


International Womens day at third bridge 2022

What did we get up to in 2021? 

In 2021, colleagues from across the globe of all genders were involved in International Women’s Day. Internally, we had an “IWD21 Message Board” for employees to share what they wanted to #ChooseToChallenge for gender equality. We shared stories and resources (books, podcasts, films) with the intention of starting some impactful and wide-reaching conversations.

In Europe, the US and Asia, we hosted moderated panels (hosted by our own: Olivia Watson and Beth Mellefont) with (female) participants. Our hosts shared what it meant for them as women in the workplace, with the aim to inspire others across our global offices to #ChooseToChallenge! 

What does the future hold for 2022? 

The Women at Third Bridge Group is steered by female individuals from a number of departments in the business who work together to strategise and develop new initiatives. The aim? To foster inclusivity and cultivate an inclusive culture where employees of all genders can thrive and grow. 

women at third bridge

The Women at Third Bridge Mentorship Programme

The Women at Third Bridge Mentorship Programme was launched in January 2022, with mentoring sessions due to commence in March, in line with International Women’s Day 2022. 

We’re really excited about this new initiative and we look forward to supporting the fantastic women at Third Bridge by nurturing their potential, and by helping them achieve their career goals. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on hard and soft skills as well as other experiences to ensure the most relevant matches.

At Third Bridge, we want to inspire the future female leaders of the business, so we are incredibly excited to refine and discover new ideas throughout this Programme.