Employee Stories

Nicolas Dimitriou - Connections

  • London

Before Joining Third Bridge, I was completing my masters in Global Political Economy at City, University of London.

I applied to Third Bridge as they are one of the top 3 companies in a multibillion dollar sector and that’s something that is not easy to achieve and maintain. I liked their high-performance culture and I wanted to learn the skills they teach you to be successful. The great base salary and bonus offered, the constant learning opportunities, amazing offices (in the heart of the City) and their fast career progression model all helped me accept the offer.  I started on 8th November 2021 as a Connections Associate within the  European Private Equity team.

My first day was absolutely amazing! Everyone I met was so nice and I immediately made some great friends. All the managers, VP’s and SVP’s were extremely kind, engaging and insightful. I was glad that I chose to work at Third Bridge and I was excited to come in for my second day!

In my first week, I met our CEO – Emmanuel Tahar – and gave him a cupcake! It is unbelievable how approachable and kind he is, he really cares about the business and his employees.  I was also struck by the high calibre of people that I get to speak to everyday. It is crazy how quickly talking to the CEO, CFO, or CIO of a multi million or even billion dollar company can become the norm.

I am committed to getting the most out of my role, I want to master all the skills required, to meet new people and to make long-term relationships. I also look forward to meeting clients and attending more company events as well as celebrating our successes. I’m happy to be working everyday alongside my wonderful team and Third Bridge colleagues.

For anyone out there, who is thinking of applying to Third Bridge –  Just do it! It is totally 100% worth doing, it is truly a great opportunity. You do need to be aware of what the role involves, it is a high performing and target oriented industry – so you need to be driven and motivated to succeed. The great thing though is that your first month is full of training and you will be taught everything you need to succeed, so you don’t need any particular background or experience – just a willingness to learn.

I read a lot of reviews before I joined the company, many said it is the people that make working at Third Bridge so rewarding – and it is true! It’s a fascinating place to work and the knowledge you gain is unbelievable. You can literally learn about every industry. It can be hard at times but if you listen to the feedback and take advantage of the support offered by your team then everything that was ‘hard’ turns into something exciting and challenging!