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The Third Bridge Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) council held a series of events to celebrate Black History Month in 2020. Marcus McGee, Team Leader, and Karlene Joseph, Head of Product and Programmes, discussed their personal experiences of being black at Third Bridge and more broadly in the UK and US, with the help of TED talks by Jabari Lyles, an educator and non-profit leader, and Wall Street veteran Carla Harris.

To round off the month, the D&I council hosted one of the world’s most eminent black historians, professor Hakim Adi, who covered 10,000 years of black history in just 40 minutes – spanning from the Roman empire to 20th century mass migration. 

In addition, Third Bridge recently held its first event for its new grassroots black employee network, Blkbridge. Blkbridge has connected black Third Bridgers in Europe and North America from all levels of the company for the first time. It provides a blueprint for improving relationships and sense of community among our colleagues with protected characteristics across the company.