Employee Stories

Ashleigh Coates - Connections

  • New York

I joined Third Bridge in October 2021 as a Connections Associate. Prior to working at Third Bridge, I was at an Education Technology company, based out of the US.

I accepted the offer to Third Bridge because I wanted to work with a company that was established and had a track record of supporting and growing their people. Through the interview process, I was able to connect with staff who started as associates and have worked their way up to Associate Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents. This was very motivating for me; seeing the different options available and potential career paths.

In my first week, being part of a group who all started on the same day eased any anxiety I was feeling about being the “new” person. It was comforting to know that other people would be going through the same experience as me and we would all learn and grow along the way. At Third Bridge there is a good mix of backgrounds which makes the interactions more interesting. I enjoyed the puzzle-like approach to finding and sourcing relevant experts for projects.

And I loved that they were thoughtful enough to keep us all refreshed with snacks and drinks!

In just over a month with the company, I know my Team Leader is already focusing on helping me move forward, which is very motivating. My advice to incoming Associates is to manage your time well as you will have multiple deadlines and priorities to manage – so own them. Additionally, the interview process gives you a very clear picture of what the job entails, so you’ll be able to quickly know whether the role is a great fit for you. Joining a new company in the wake of a pandemic is hard but I knew that my team was there to support me and your team will do the same with us all focusing on the same goals.