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JD Health Pre-IPO – Internet Healthcare Business Planning & Commercialisation Progress – 1 December 2020

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Prior to JD Health’s IPO in early December, Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former director from Beijing Jingdong Health Co Ltd (JD Healthcare). Our Interview detailed the various segments of the company’s online healthcare business operations, how it fares against the competition and updates on a new policy from the National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA), among other topics.

Checking up on JD Health’s online healthcare business vitals

The specialist outlined the main online healthcare business units, which include: pharmaceutical e-commerce, internet hospitals, smart healthcare and health management. While the latter two categories contribute less revenue, “in the pharmaceutical e-commerce field, [JD Health] is already a leading player that others are trying to catch up with”.

Next came a comparison of Alibaba Health and JD Health’s revenue in online pharmacy. JD Health claims to be the largest operator of online retail pharmacies and the biggest internet healthcare platform in China. Although this is a leading area for the company, challenges have arisen out of how they work with pharma manufacturers. 

Pharmaceutical e-commerce challenges

The company’s prescription circulation has evolved since its inception in 2016. “At present, JD Health is working on its version 5.0 prescription circulation project in Beihai, Guangxi. The project is aimed at letting patients with chronic diseases, special diseases and even common diseases pay for prescription drugs online using medical insurance funds.” The specialist commented that these do not entirely fulfil the needs of doctors, but noted how this obstacle could be overcome.

November saw the adoption of the NHSA’s policy on “internet plus” medical insurance. While some have welcomed this development, “I don’t think this policy is very good for the internet healthcare industry.” By extending some of the same benefits to online healthcare business platforms and offline institutions, there could be negative repercussions for reimbursements, the specialist explained.

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