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AI applications in internet healthcare – directions & challenges

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AI is transforming all kinds of industries, and healthcare is no exception. To learn more about this segment, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former head at Ping An Healthcare & Technology Co Ltd (Ping An Good Doctor). The Interview covered a range of topics, from the channels for acquiring data to how AI could affect healthcare in the future.

Checking up on opportunities in China’s internet healthcare industry

The expert described AI’s main applications. Offline examples include drug R&D, with pharmaceutical companies employing deep learning to screen for effective molecules. Online applications mostly centre on consultations and can be divided into before, during and after stages, with different demand for AI in each segment.

The suitability of computer vision (CV) technology and natural language processing for different uses were also discussed. CV has been adopted most by doctors, assisting with screening text and images. “CV technology is mature in recognising and analysing the screening images of various diseases, such as those on ocular fundus and pulmonary nodules.”

A range of channels are used for acquiring data, including open-source databases and third-party companies. However, it’s expensive and time-consuming to obtain quality data. “To realise the best data output, a company should assemble a specialised expert team to process data based on the standards set by the AI team.”

The Interview also explored the potential of AI in healthcare owing to improving algorithms, as well as asking the rate at which human doctors could be substituted with technology over the coming 3-5 years. Moreover, the main competitors were highlighted – Baidu, AliHealth and Tencent Miying – along with their respective focus areas.

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