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Syniverse Mobile Roaming Pressures & Enterprise Growth Outlook

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Syniverse is a global company that provides connectivity services. To understand more about its operating environment, competitive landscape and growth drivers, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former director from the company.

Syniverse: what’s next for the communications company?

The Interview started with an outline of Syniverse’s business segments, which are:  consumer mobile marketing; mobile security; mobile network operator systems; the Internet of Things and emerging wireless services; and outsourcing and consulting. 

Looking at the key industry trends, Syniverse’s model was being able to say “a message is not a message”, meaning that paying for a cheaper aggregator would not result in the same quality of service. However, in the light of businesses potentially seeing declines, the specialist pointed out that the company may have to look at the pricing of legacy agreements in future.

There could be knock-on effects from the coronavirus pandemic. On the one side, there has been a huge jump in people communicating, and “there’s a unique opportunity for [Syniverse] to capitalise on some of the increase in messages being sent”. However, in some of their key markets, such as airlines and financial services, “there’s going to be a continued sobering response to increasing their spend, and in some cases, looking at probably revisiting and consolidating some of their agreements.”

The discussion moved onto what the competition is doing in the product areas in which Syniverse is trying to drive growth. What’s more, Syniverse has limited co-operation with some of its peers. For example, they provide some routes for Twilio, which helps Syniverse “to increase some incremental revenue where they haven’t been able to penetrate a particular segment.”

Other topics covered include the Communications Gateway platform, potential consolidation in the industry and Syniverse’s Internetwork Packet Exchange network. The specialist also discussed the company’s positioning, including the perception that it’s slow-moving.

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