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RSA Security – Four Distinct Businesses and their Performance

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Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former senior executive at RSA Security LLC to discuss RSA’s business and key products, as well as potential divestiture activity and recent sale of RSA Conference. Here are the need-to-know key insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said RSA’s recent focus has been separating the segments and businesses into independent companies for possible corporate transactions. They told us this has required infrastructure investments and separate managements and as a result, R&D spending has been more maintenance-oriented. 
  • We heard the company has had some notable growth challenges reflecting “a lot of conflict and missed opportunities” that have been exacerbated by considerable executive and employee turnover. 

“The biggest opportunity is that, can RSA Security find quick ways to divest and get to business as usual rather than in this mode where everyone’s waiting?”

  • RSA’s four main businesses include new RSA (USD 300-350m in recent annual revenues), Archer (USD 150-200m), NetWitness (USD 100m) and Outseer (USD 120- 150m), we were told. 
  • According to the specialist, Archer and Outseer seem to be the healthiest businesses with 10-15% growth rates. They told us new RSA is probably at minus 5-0% – especially following coronavirus demand pull-forward – and NetWitness may be at minus 10%.

For more human insights on RSA Security, click on the transcript below.

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