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Audacy – competition update and business outlook

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Radio broadcast and podcasting company Audacy continues to battle against a potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with its shares continuing to trade below USD 1. According to a former senior executive at Audacy, the company has “work to do” in attracting advertisement spending – at a time when ad spend is shifting away from terrestrial radio.

Can Audacy stave off bankruptcy?

In an Interview with Third Bridge Forum, the specialist said Audacy is “definitely not positioned to weather” a prolonged recession and that it would severely test its operations if one were to occur. Audacy’s small stature vs iHeart and Spotify was also highlighted by the specialist as a challenge for the company as it attempts to bring in quality podcast content.

Despite these headwinds, the specialist told us Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios is a strong asset that will aid its in-house content development. The Audacy Digital Audio Network should also make it easier for Audacy’s sales team to sell ads across terrestrial and digital radio, which the specialists said has historically been a challenge. We also heard the company has had some success in expanding its digital footprint through podcasts and adtech. 

The specialist added that to boost its reputation, Audacy should hire national stars to create content. They advised that the company needs to connect its podcasts to its name – just as Spotify has done successfully. Audacy must find personalities that can make it “attractive to a younger audience”, helping recruit the next generation of talent that can build “a new brand behind what Audacy stands for”, our expert added. Otherwise, our specialist warned that Audacy runs the risk of dead air on its airwaves for good. 

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