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ResMed – supply chain issues & demand outlook for sleep & respiratory care devices

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As its closest competitor, medical equipment manufacturer ResMed should have been in pole position to take advantage of Philips’ CPAP machine recall. But, according to a current executive at Apria Healthcare, supply chain issues and microchip shortages have seen the company “struggle to keep up with demand” – opening the door to smaller competitors.

ResMed’s supply chain issues open door to new and old competitors

In an Interview with Third Bridge Forum, the specialist told us ResMed was currently producing approximately 65% of all CPAP machines. Although ResMed has been ramping up production to cope with increased demand, they said there were now “backups of maybe two months’ worth of CPAPs”, with a significant number of patients waiting to use them. 

With medical professionals looking to urgently relieve their backlogs, the specialist said B3 Medical was a CPAP manufacturer “to watch”, having been “extremely aggressive” in manufacturing competitive equipment on par with Philips and ResMed. The specialist said it could potentially gain 5-6% market share over the next 3-5 months as ResMed continues to upscale production.

Continued supply chain shortages mean early expectations that Philips’ CPAP recall could cause an 80% market share swing towards ResMed were now unlikely, according to the specialist. Predictions it might take Philips 4-5 years to rebound are also unlikely in the specialist’s opinion, not only because of supply chain issues but also because of Philips’ reputation: “I think for them to get to some level of equilibrium with market share it may take 2-2.5 years. The thing about Philips is they’re known, they’re respected, the physician community is familiar with them.”

ResMed could “hold onto” the 5-7% market share it gains from Philips, but that it might face further competition from a resurgent Philips and a growing B3 Medical in the future. 

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