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Cano Health – potential takeout target

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Cano Health stock has dropped by 60% over the past month as reports circulate that CVS Pharmacy is abandoning its purchase of the company. Third Bridge Forum recently spoke to a former senior executive at Cano Health Inc to discuss the value-based primary care provider market and the company’s approach to patient engagement. The Interview also examined Cano’s land-and-expand strategy, as well as its possible sale. Here are the need-to-know insights from that Interview:

Who could acquire Cano Health?

  • he specialist favours an aggressive approach to growth and scaling for Cano Health over the next year – “whoever strikes first is going to be able to strike harder”. 
  • EBITDA multiples for primary care provider groups have “pretty much tripled”, according to the specialist. 
  • Cost per patient has increased from USD 4,000 to approximately USD 10,000, which has driven profitability timelines in new markets up to 3-4 years, we heard. 
  • We heard that Cano Health should avoid expanding into San Diego given reimbursement rates are low and “cost[s] to serve” are high. 

“I think that in general value-based care is completely, it’s an emerging necessity, it’s completely underutilised right now, I think that it’s just scratching the surface.”

  • However, the specialist also said there are still 30 or 40 more markets that are going to be able to deliver and sustain multiple medical centres with similar demographic make-ups to Cano Health – representing 5x growth runway.
  • The specialist believes Cano Health “is a diamond in the rough […] to me it is the future of healthcare”.
  • Cano Health has done better than most in acquiring and retaining staff which has helped reduce staff turnover. Read here for more expert insights on US healthcare staff shortages.
  • We heard that Cano Health is “very big” in the basics of value-based care such as patient engagement and prevention.

For more human insights on Cano Health and value-based primary care providers, click on the transcripts below.

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