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Healthcare trends report Q2 2022: innovating insulin delivery systems

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The growing prevalence of diabetes is a major challenge for society and the healthcare industry, but there continues to be significant momentum behind insulin delivery systems and blood glucose monitoring. Key trends picked up in recent Forum Interviews include the shift in focus to type 2 solutions and opportunities in closed-loop pumps. Our experts also shared their views on the impact of Medtronic’s December 2021 warning letter from the FDA.

Insulin pumps, which methodically deliver insulin into an individual’s blood, have historically been aimed at type 1 diabetics, who account for around 10% of the market. Some 30% of patients with type 1 diabetes in the US use an insulin pump – “and I think it’s growing”, a former VP at Becton Dickinson & Co told us. However, “there is only so much market share you can pick up from those” and companies have started looking for new growth areas. With rising cases in type 2 diabetes, this “is an obvious start”. A former VP at Medtronic said the emergence of automated insulin delivery systems – such as Control-IQ, Medtronic’s 780G (pending regulatory approval) and Omnipod 5 – is exciting but “when you start looking at type 2 it’s a completely untapped potential”.

Insulin pumps that were designed for type 1 patients require pump manipulation for dose adjustments and are therefore “too cumbersome” for type 2 patients. “So that’s where the opportunity for patch pump actually does play out”, the former Becton Dickinson & Co VP said. The expert added that Omnipod has signalled it is shifting towards type 2, and Becton Dickinson is “talking pretty much exclusively about type 2”. Given the much larger size of the type 2 diabetes market, the revenue opportunity is “double if not triple” the size of the type 1 market, despite the projected lower penetration rate in the type 2 market.

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