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NuVasive Medical Devices – competitive analysis & Q4 2020 outlook

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NuVasive is a Californian medical company that develops devices and procedures for spinal operations. Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former global VP from the company to learn more about recent developments in the industry and its product offerings.

COVID-19 backing consolidation in spine industry

The main trend in the spine industry, the specialist explained, is the development of enabling technologies, such as robotics and computer-assisted solutions. “Now interestingly, NuVasive was really at the forefront of that, I’d say, four, five years ago”, but it remains to be seen whether the company will make up lost ground with the release of Pulse, a newer technology.

COVID-19 could accelerate consolidation: “I believe COVID is only going to, I wouldn’t say in every single account, but, across the board, it’s going to continue to consolidate the amount of vendors in the hospital.” Healthcare providers will want to reduce the amount of company representatives visiting hospitals owing to safety concerns.

The specialist also provided their thoughts on X360, which pieces together several of NuVasive’s products into one system. “Long story short, everybody is coming out with their version of X360. NuVasive obviously has experience and more data on their side than most other companies do.”

Meanwhile, Pulse had the release for its spinal robot pushed back. “Pulse is going to give you all of the tools necessary from a computer-assisted technology platform, from being very objective in the OR [operating room] and being able to verify the correction that you’re getting and being able to do your neuromonitoring and… specific steps within the actual surgery”, the specialist commented.

The Interview also covered R&D spending, global markets and a 12-18 month outlook for the company.

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