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KRAS G12C inhibitors

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Third Bridge Forum interviewed a senior scientist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who offered her opinions on the KRAS G12C inhibitor, an early-stage drug for the treatment of cancer. The Interview paid close attention to the product offerings and clinical trials offered by Amgen and Mirati.

Advancements in Cancer Treatment

The senior scientist discussed the efficacy of G12 inhibitors, explaining that although the development of the KRAS G12C inhibitor was “exciting”, it was unlikely to work as a monotherapy. Instead, the drug should be used in combination with other compounds. She noted that combination approaches should be used both upstream with epidermal growth factor receptor and downstream with mitogen-activated protein kinase or extracellular signal-regulated kinases to account for toxicity levels.

The specialist continued by sharing her views on Amgen and Mirati, specifically which of the two companies has a stronger product. Although she admitted that Mirati had a stronger G12C inhibitor as a result of its longer half-life, the senior scientist noted that Mirati’s product offering could face other concerns, which she outlined.

The specialist continued the conversation by outlining the role of Novartis and Eli Lilly. She explained that compared with Mirati and Amgen, who simply produced the “pioneer molecules”, Novartis and Eli Lilly could use the data provided by Mirati and Amgen to create rival inhibitors. The specialist concluded by explaining the risk of cancerous cells becoming resistant to inhibitors, as well as the risk of toxicity for KRAS G12C drugs.

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