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Materials for use in the materials sector

Third Bridge helps credit investors make more intelligent decisions in the materials sector. By providing access to key insights through private consultations and Interviews with industry experts, our clients can bolster their research capabilities when considering basic materials sector stocks to buy. 

There are myriad opportunities in materials sector investment. From discovering, extracting and processing raw materials such as oil, gold and cement to the glass, plastic and cardboard packaging that underpins global commerce. 

However, many commodities are sensitive to rapid variations in value. And materials sector investors need to comprehensively and quickly understand the market fluctuations associated with basic materials sector stocks in order to confidently make the right investment decisions.

With a deluge of data and information available nowadays, it can be difficult to know where to start researching when investing in materials. Third Bridge aims to serve as a trusted partner, bolstering investors’s own research capabilities – so they can get to the core of what they need to understand.

Uncover intelligent perspectives

One way that Third Bridge helps public equity investors understand the landscape of stocks in the materials sector is via Connections. Whether evaluating a deal opportunity or identifying long-term operating partners, Third Bridge can pave the way for our clients to gain the knowledge they need. Connections finds the most relevant expert for each brief and sets up one-to-one meetings, conducted under a strict compliance framework, which can take place as either private meetings or via telephone.

Third Bridge has the professional services to assist our clients in finding the answers – no matter how specialised the topic – owing to our international reach, local market understanding and research capabilities. By obtaining granular knowledge and new perspectives, investors can thoroughly understand value chains and company risks and opportunities before making materials sector investment decisions.  

Connections is supported by:

  • 500-strong research team
  • Eight global offices
  • Over 10,000 consultations per month
  • Robust compliance screening and review processes


Understand global markets

With Third Bridge’s coverage of over 4,000 companies and a global in-house industry-specialised research team, we identify and cover the most relevant issues in the materials industry to bring to our clients’ attention. Forum gives investors access to perspectives through joining calls with industry experts and access to our archive of Interviews, which can assist with thesis conception and verification. 

Third Bridge performs over 5,000 Forum Interviews each year. 

Forum is backed up by:

  • Archive of 15,000 transcripts
  • 100-strong research team
  • 5,000 Interviews per year

Two methodologies are essential for these services. With Smartlink, we continuously monitor a range of metrics – including stocks in the materials sector, macro-economic trends and deal flow – in order to identify the ramifications of developments in the materials industry on investment opportunities. As a result, we stay abreast of the latest materials trends and developments for both private and public investors when investing in materials. 

Factshield is Third Bridge’s proprietary screening technology to verify that the individuals we connect investors with meet our high standards. With best-in-class solutions that exceed industry best practice and a strict compliance framework, we are able to ensure that only suitable candidates are put forward.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your materials sector investments, or want to know more about becoming a specialist, click here. To see how we have helped other investors, click here to view our detailed case studies.