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Third Bridge Forum conducted an Interview on the food and beverage packaging industry that uncovered valuable insights from a former head at Apio Inc. The specialist summarised key changes and threats to the industry.

Sustainable Food Packaging Trends

The former head outlined megatrends in the food and beverage industry, explaining that consumers are focused on healthy, minimally processed foods, which has impacted the way they view packaging. While demand for traditional packaging such as glass or aluminum cans is on a downward trend, there has been an emphatic adoption of more sustainable plastic, specifically the flexible variety. 

In spite of this, traditional packaging solutions are still used for some products. This is because there are some elements of traditional packaging that sustainable plastic manufacturers have not been able to recreate. For instance, to ensure the shelf-life of minimally processed food, techniques such as high-pressure processing (HPP) must occur. This is used in food products including cheese and juices, and can enhance shelf life by up to six times. The food products are already in their final packaging when they undergo HPP, so the packaging has to be suitable to undergo this process. Although there is not currently a suitable alternative, the specialist named a company that appears to have achieved the impossible by creating bio-based, high-shelf-life alternative.

Whilst the former head opined that trends in the packaging industry would still revolve around recycling and sustainability, he explained there were also barriers to achieving this. Realistically, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the only type of plastic that can be recycled, despite other packaging being marketed as such. Consequently, the specialist claimed that the US would first have to improve recycling programmes before any change can truly be achieved. He continued by outlining how this could be attained.

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