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Demands for eco-friendly packaging materials change the food industry

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In Q1 2019, Third Bridge Forum’s Materials Sector Report analysed the increasing tension between plastic, glass and metal packaging manufacturers. This argument remains at the forefront of the industry. Find out what our analysis into the packaging materials sector in Q2 2019 uncovered about the food industry.

Consumers’ food preferences have changed in the western world, with individuals opting for fresh produce instead of processed or preserved goods. This has altered the way people – and therefore companies – view packaging. Ultimately, consumers now want to purchase healthy food packaged in sustainable, recyclable materials. As a result, traditional food processors such as Heinz, Nestlé SA and McCain Foods are struggling to maintain market share as trends turn towards innovative ‘mom-and-pop’ start-ups that create minimal amounts of processed meals and opt for recyclable or compostable packaging.

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