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Regulatory changes in the packaging industry and the entry of new products

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In Q1 2019, Third Bridge Forum conducted over 55 Interviews on the materials sector, with particular attention being paid to packaging industry changes. These Interviews offered key insights from senior specialists operating out of North America, Europe and China.

Plastic or glass packaging? 

A former Finance and Divisional CFO of the Consumer Packaging Division at Berry Global Group discussed the impact of Berry Group acquiring the European-based RPC Group with regards to strategy and expansion. He suggested that although the US market for Berry Group had seen a plateau in the amount of plastic being produced, there would likely be more of an opportunity for expansion in Europe, India, and other developing countries “as they push more towards the middle class.” The former CFO continued by discussing future options for plastic suppliers, saying that millennials “don’t care” whether a product is made from glass or plastic, so there is significant opportunity for the RPC Group in Europe to reproduce products using recyclable plastic packaging instead of glass. The specialist noted that there is “constant price pressure” on companies, so the swap to plastic could help businesses reduce costs. 

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