Employee Stories

Marina Ip - Associate Product Manager

  • Global

I work as an Associate Product Manager in Forum. My team works to improve Forum product features, which we do by addressing our client's pain points and coming up with a better UX. Before joining Third Bridge in November 2021, I was working as a data analyst in both Hong Kong & London.


While I thoroughly enjoyed working at my previous company, I felt after being there for five years, it was time to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone. The position at Third Bridge itself attracted me as it offered me the opportunity to develop my career further in product management.

On my first day, I was amongst a group of new joiners; we were all gathered in the foyer of The Steward Building in London. Everyone was excited to be joining Third Bridge and it was such a friendly atmosphere. The first week was filled with training sessions on all the different verticals, and it was lovely getting to know other people, what they do and what part they play in contributing to the business. One of the most exciting parts about working at Third Bridge is that I get to meet and work with different people every day. Everyone here is super friendly and helpful. There is such a great collaborative culture in the company, and it is so fast-paced, motivational and diverse.

I want to add that Third Bridge has a Women@Third Bridge Mentorship Programme that allows us to establish partnerships for learning and growth. We share knowledge with Third Bridge’s experienced leaders and external voices and set career development plans. To anybody considering applying to Third Bridge, I would say, ‘Come and join us! If you don’t even try, you never know if you will like it here or not.’ John C Maxwell once said ‘Successful leaders have the courage to take actions while others hesitate.’