Employee Stories

John Durrant - Technology and Product

  • London

I work in a Head of Engineering capacity at Third Bridge with a team of talented Engineers who are collectively responsible for building, testing, deploying and maintaining the software used both internally by our colleagues in all of the major financial centres around the world, as well as our clients who benefit from the industry expert sensemaking services we provide. Before joining Third Bridge in October 2021, I had been heading up a Software Engineering department in the retail sector for several years. I was interested in the opportunity to work in the financial industry.

For some time, I had been thinking about the people side of Software Engineering, researching many sources relating to our human nature, our human needs, and how people find meaning and fulfilment at work. I felt that the people side of Software Engineering was often overlooked as we tend to focus on the more visible aspects of our work, talking more about technology stacks, architectures, coding standards and design methodologies than we do about interpersonal relationships, human motivation and psychological safety. Just as we spend time focusing on Software Engineering principles and processes, I feel it is equally necessary to focus on the values and principles underpinning how we collaborate to navigate the many complexities in building good quality software.

Third Bridge appealed to me because it emphasised the People First approach to Engineering, which well aligned with the philosophies I had been pondering. Joining during the Covid Pandemic, I felt it was ever more important to strive to co-create an engineering department which served people, platforms and products in equal measure. My team and helpful colleagues around the business gave me a warm welcome to aid my understanding of our challenges and opportunities. As a fast-growing company amid some significant technological transformations, there are plenty of scenarios to think about regarding the cultural and individual adaptations required to help create an ecosystem where we call can thrive.

Third Bridge is a unique company offering a supportive environment for people who want to try different things to make an impact. There is no shortage of interesting technical and non-technical variety here, and we are very good at encouraging people to progress in their careers via multiple avenues. Being exposed to the variety, the challenges of transformation, and the many helpful and intelligent people at Third Bridge has been a great learning experience.

My ambition at Third Bridge is to help expand the people-centric focus we’ve developed in my engineering team more widely across the department and the organisation.