Employee Stories

Esther Park - Forum- HK

  • Hong Kong

I joined Third Bridge in May 2021 as a Research Associate. Prior to joining Third Bridge, I was working part-time in a social welfare department at a local government office in Korea.

I accepted an offer to Third Bridge for two main reasons. I’m from Korea and my family lives in Korea but I have lived more than half of my life in Hong Kong. As I had graduated from university in Hong Kong, I wanted to take advantage of the working visa arrangements and work and remain there. The second reason was the work and exposure to various sectors. I majored in global studies concentrating on politics and economics. After graduating I realized I really didn’t know enough about ”business”. Lots of business terms were new to me and even when I tried to self-teach myself I was just lost where to start and I got tired of looking up the terms and concepts when reading business articles. I knew that if a subject isn’t something I am 100% interested in, I wouldn’t be 100% diligent so I decided to put myself out there and go for a job where I would have to learn things.

The impressions I took away on my first day were welcoming. I actually started my training in quarantine so I didn’t get to meet my teammates until almost a month after joining – but on the first day I was physically in the office everyone was welcoming and very friendly. The highlights of my first week were getting to know everyone and free lunches (I mean who does not like free food??!!). What surprised me most about Third Bridge was how so many of my team were so young.

For me,  the most exciting thing about working at Third Bridge is getting to learn about different sectors. Now that I’ve been working here for more than six months, I have some experience of most industries within IME and I’ve started to pick my favorite industries to work on (at the moment they are green hydrogen and carbon farming/exchange).

I would definitely recommend and push my friends to apply to Third Bridge if they were considering it. My advice is show yourself and don’t be afraid to give honest answers! I remember during one part of my interview I was asked to keep answering one question to a point where I really gave an honest, personal, and bare answer. I thought I wouldn’t get in because of that but actually it was just what they wanted and I was pleasantly surprised.

If I could describe Third Bridge in three words, it would be: inclusive, vibrant, and caring.

I have really enjoyed working at Third Bridge and a big part of that is because of my teammates. I really am thankful that I have such great colleagues and we have such a rich working culture.