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Datto & the MSP technology sector

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Third Bridge Forum conducted an Interview with a former senior director at Datto Inc who offered his perspective on managed service provider (MSP) technology sector trends. The former senior director at Datto Inc commenced the discussion by outlining the current trends in the MSP space.

Cloud-Based Storage Could Harm Datto

He focused specifically on the shift to cloud computing suggesting that this could impact Datto’s revenue as it would no longer have hardware to sell. He also outlined other issues the company could face following the move to cloud-based storage.

The former senior director continued by revealing his thoughts on Datto’s product offerings, including Siris and Alto, and the improvements that the company is working on for these. He went on to discuss Datto’s competitors in backup software, suggesting that the company should focus on how it could improve SaaS Protection for MSPs in order to compete more effectively with competitors.

The specialist outlined the Datto-Autotask merger and gave his opinion on how successful he thought it had been. He discussed Datto’s team, specifically whether they would be capable of upholding the same standards with regard to innovation. The specialist ended the conversation by offering insights to investors on the major concerns of the company.

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