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Bio-Techne – acquisitions, partnerships & expanded businesses

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Bio-Techne, a reagent, medical instrument and test service provider, has made a series of acquisitions over the years. In this Interview with a former board member from B-MoGen Biotechnologies Inc, we explore what these partnerships have meant, as well as more about Bio-Techne’s positioning in the life sciences industry.

Looking into the minutiae of Bio-Techne’s acquisitions and offerings

The discussion started with detailing what PerkinElmer’s USD 5.2bn acquisition of BioLegend, one of BioTechne’s last protein and antibody reagent competitors, means for the company. They noted the progressive acquisition of smaller players over the years. “Probably the only one that remains is PeproTech and I imagine it’s on somebody’s radar.”

“At this point, Bio-Techne’s competitors are Thermo Fisher, Danaher, MilliporeSigma, PerkinElmer now, these much bigger, diversified companies. The reason it’s gotten to this point so quickly is because it’s made a series of very smart decisions along the way to keep relying on its core strengths in making proteins and antibodies, which are the raw material for just about everything the biotech industry does.”

The specialist also discussed Bio-Techne’s acquisition of B-MoGen Biotechnologies, a company that not only made a series of proprietary discoveries, but also has “strength in Crispr gene editing” and boasts “a number of [patented] transposon-based gene delivery systems.”

Next on the agenda was how Bio-Techne is “making a big bet on cell and gene therapy as a way to become a bigger and more powerful, more impactful player in the field and also a way to differentiate itself from players like Thermo Fisher or Danaher.” They explained that a key element of cell and gene immunotherapy is being able to expand T cells, which Bio-Techne’s TcBuster enables with a protein called cytokines – historically one of Bio-Techne’s core products.

The Interview also covered the Simple Western product, Google’s AlphaFold project and Bio-Techne’s antibody business.

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