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Barentz – pharmaceutical chemicals distribution – sales and supplier dynamics

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Barentz is a Dutch distributor of ingredients for multiple industries, and one of its notable segments is supplying chemicals for pharmaceuticals. Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former director from the company to understand more about the competitive landscape and its growth potential.

Barentz and the European pharmaceutical chemical market

The Interview started with a comparison of the competition. “The biggest and the most prominent competitor within the European territory has always been and will remain, in my opinion, IMCD”, the specialist stated. They also noted which companies were focused on commodity products and those with speciality offerings. Although Barentz and IMCD are both strong within Europe as a whole, the former looks more towards Eastern Europe, which “has to do with the road of expansion from the beginning”, whereas the latter is more active in Western Europe.

Looking at the local competition, the former director commented that Barentz and IMCD have “a very reasonable, significant market share” in specialty chemicals and raw materials. However, “they do compete with somewhat smaller distributors that have very specific and niche raw materials. Typically, they cannot compete, because they do not have those niche, niche products.” Added to this, there is more consumer awareness regarding nutraceuticals, which means that the market will continue to grow, the specialist remarked.

Other topics covered include trends in supplier outsourcing, partnerships with distributors, and the importance of production assets.

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