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Allocate Software – competitive landscape & demand drivers

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UK-based Allocate Software has branched out across the world with its people management solutions for the healthcare industry. To understand more about the company’s offerings and its competition, Third Bridge Forum interviewed a former director from the company.

Checking up on the outlook for Allocate software

The UK provides the lion’s share of revenue, at approximately GBP 60-65m. Other key regions include Australia, contributing up to GBP 20m, while Nordic countries and other smaller regions come in at about GBP 15m.

On top of rostering, the company offers a range of products, including third-party managerial solutions, agency management and a range of administrative functions such as payroll.

Turning to demand drivers, the former director explained that the foremost catalyst is policy: “the reality is nearly 85% of Allocate’s solutions are driven by legislation, and legislation is what Allocate’s solutions are largely founded in.” Other major forces include government decisions, with the NHSI pushing interoperability given as an example, as well as the emergence of frameworks such as the Health Systems Support Framework.

Allocate’s market is “a tale of two halves”, with the medic and non-medic sides experiencing different uptake and competition. For the latter, “Allocate have found themselves in a position where they’ve become, quite quickly, almost the only game in town.” In addition, the non-medic segment provides the bulk of revenue.

While Allocate offers a strong proposition on the medic side, there have been issues with the competition usurping them. The former director noted one company, Rotamap, which was started by two anesthetists with an offering for that specialisation and then moved into surgeon rostering. While “there is nothing that Rotamap does that Allocate doesn’t do”, the former was able to break into the market and take hold.

Another company highlighted by the specialist is Rotawatch. “They have made a very good initial start, so they now find themselves in 6% of the market, and that equates to roughly about 20-odd NHS trusts already, so they are growing and growing very quickly under the radar, just like Rotamap did.”

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