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Provider value-based care tech platforms - Q3 2022 Update

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Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former senior executive at Privia Health Group Inc to discuss developments in the ​​value-based care and provider services industry, including capitation agreements, M&A activity and H2 2022 outlook. Here are the need-to-know key insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said they expect approximately 15-20% annual growth in provider footprint for some of the larger names over the next 3-5 years as the market becomes increasingly saturated.
  • They told us commercial is “a lower-risk population, and so there’s less incentive and focus on it from the payer perspective. It’s just not as profitable”.

“I think Privia Health Group would do well to invest in other specialties, other parts of the market where they can, if not gain control, have a better insight into how their patients are doing.”

  • The specialist posits that it takes around 12-18 months for a company such as Privia Health Group to start realising savings on managed populations after entering a market.
  • We heard that for a player such as Adelade, “the success entirely depends on the physicians, the practices themselves participating and being proactive. It’s tough because you’re just completely relying upon their positive contributions to the business”. 

For more human insights on value-based care tech platforms, click on the transcript below.

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