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Thermo Fisher – LC-MS platform H1 2021 update

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Liquid chromatography (LC) is a technique used to separate compounds from a sample before analysis, and is often coupled with mass spectrometry (MS). Key industry drivers include increasing healthcare R&D and clinical trials. Third Bridge Forum spoke to a specialist at the University of Rochester, New York, to discuss Thermo Fisher’s LC-MS offerings, the competition and wider industry trends.

LC-MS landscape and Thermo Fisher’s positioning

The Interview started with an overview of LC-MS purchasing volumes, with the expert noting that “we are still very much stalled in terms of purchasing LC-MS technology”. As well as COVID-19 testing requiring significant resources, the expert said incorporating new technology into existing workflows is also challenging.

The evolution of LC-MS technology was also on the agenda. “With the mass spec technology, there are a lot of variables, there’s a lot to know. I see vendors working to simplify the package and make the technology more of a black box-type technology and I can see some advantages to doing that.” The specialist also shared their views on how the technology should continue to develop in terms of speed, compliance and sensitivity. 

Thermo’s LC-MS offering and its broader technology were also discussed, with the expert more bullish about its MS than LC system. Thermo has “the most innovative mass spectrometry technology on the heels of the Orbitrap technology especially”, but there are “a lot of limitations” on the LC front.

On the topic of Sciex and Waters’ new partnership, and how this could impact Thermo, the specialist said: “Sciex does have an omics-based solution so I’m sure they can steal some of Thermo’s market share there. One of the challenges with Sciex instruments is that they are a lot more expensive than the Thermos.”

In their closing remarks, the expert noted that this industry is growing fast and has the potential to “reshape a lot of the agricultural industry and, quite honestly, the US economy, in some respects”. As for Thermo specifically, they do not see the company’s current position as being that of a “major player”.

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