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How is the medcomms landscape evolving?

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The pharmaceutical industry has become incredibly competitive, with the number of companies with active R&D pipelines increasing from 1,198 in 2001 to over 5,500 in 2023*. Companies are seeking innovative ways to boost the chances of a drug’s success throughout the product life cycle, including - and increasingly - during the critical pre-launch period.

Against this backdrop, demand for medical communications (medcomms) is “incredibly sustainable”, according to an industry expert interviewed by Third Bridge Forum. Pharmaceutical companies are actively looking for innovative ways to communicate increasingly complex information and data, and also considering pre-launch marketing activities to build awareness much earlier in the product life cycle.

A former executive at Real Chemistry International believes the medcomms industry is poised for growth given “the sheer number of drugs that are in the pipeline”. The market leaders, they added, “have truly embraced integrated communications”. In the last 5-7 years, some large global pharmaceutical companies have been breaking down internal silos to work in a more integrated fashion, and our specialist anticipates this trend will continue. This creates additional opportunities for medcomms players to serve as an extension of science teams, bringing deep strategic knowledge and experience to advise on communication strategies. 

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