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Veterinary software market update – H1 2021

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Veterinary practices have been performing well for several years, logging double-digit revenues pre-pandemic and with many now surpassing 50% YoY. Some are even approaching triple digits, we heard in a Forum Interview. Consolidation is also rampant. “Even though people are stressed and revenues are at an all-time high, consolidation is still frequently happening across the board,” a former sales manager at Idexx Laboratories Inc said.

“Rampant” veterinary practice consolidation and software trends

All these factors, and others, impact software decisions. In terms of the players, the Interview focused on Covetrus, Idexx and EzyVet. In the practice information management system (PiMS) space, Covetrus’ Avimark has the highest market share, with 8,500-9,000 customers. However, the company is restricted in terms of the size of hospitals it can serve. 

Regarding the chartless and paperless sub-segments, Idexx’s Cornerstone represents the second-biggest market share, with 6,500 to 7,000 customers. The next biggest or equal player is EzyVet, with HQs in New Zealand and Texas. The expert also pointed out Oregon-based DoveLewis.

In other observations, wellness plans are a “hot topic”, with customers increasingly looking to integrate these into their offerings. “What customers are looking for is a way for it to integrate within Avimark, Infinity, EzyVet, whatever PiMS they have to make it easier for them. Not only that, one of the biggest players within the industry, VCP, what they do is they actually help collect the charges.”

The significance of Chewy’s entry into the vet prescription market and prescription-fulfilment services was also discussed, with it being noted that PiMS integrations with pharmacies are “just starting to take off”. The expert said they could see the company launching a wellness offering, but that the hard part will be partnering with a clinic. 

In their closing remarks, data consolidation was flagged as a “huge problem within the industry”, with the expert commenting that “if you can incorporate that into whatever offering, whether it’s wellness, whether it’s PiMS or whatever, fast, it’s going to be a differentiator because it has not been figured out yet.”

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