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Vertical Software – transportation management software – H2 2022 outlook

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Third Bridge Forum spoke to a former senior executive at Optibus Ltd to discuss the transportation management software sector’s operating environment, competitive dynamics among vendors and its outlook for H2 2022. Here are the need-to-know insights from that Interview:

  • The specialist said vertical SaaS for the public transportation sector operates within a “multi-billion transportation operation”. 
  • They told us the sector is segmented across global cloud-based core platforms such as Optibus, Giro and Trapeze, regional platforms such as Omnibus, IVU and Goal Systems, and point solutions vendors offering best-of-breed planning, scheduling, operations and more. 

“[It] is a huge industry that is still very traditional in the way that they are operating. I think there’s a huge opportunity for software companies to really transition and to help to do this digital transformation.”

  • We heard public agencies vs privatised transportation organisations are in different stages in IT modernisation and adopting cloud technologies. Europe leads the US in transportation privatisation, according to the specialist.  
  • Meanwhile, the specialist said privatised transportation managers are farther up on the adoption curve for cloud-based public transportation scheduling, planning and more. Such managers are far likelier to adopt a platform vendor and add value on contracts, the specialist added.   
  • The specialist estimates currently 70-80% of operations are still being directly operated by agencies, with 20-30% run by third-party operators in North America. 

For more human insights on transportation management software, click on the transcript below.


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