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One Call Care Management – COVID-19 impact & 2020 outlook

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A mix of factors have been weighing on US-based One Call Care Management in recent years, with COVID-19 now also creating problems, an industry expert told Third Bridge Forum. 

COVID-19 exacerbates problems at US healthcare company

The employee compensation and healthcare company over-promised on technology developments that it said would improve the user experience for claims adjusters. “They’ve taken a hit reputationally,” the specialist said. “Obviously, there was some pretty substantial CAPEX spend for that technology, which put them into some financial distress.” 

One Call has also “taken a big hit” because of the pandemic, particularly in relation to claims, which were already declining as part of a broader macro trend. However, the expert anticipates an uptick in claim frequency because of COVID-19, as well as a shift in the products and services required for those claims. In California, for example, workers can now file a compensation claim for COVID-19.  

The effects of the pandemic across One Call’s various business segments were also discussed, with physical therapy and diagnostics — its flagship lines — under the biggest strain. Overall, company revenue could tumble by 25-35% in 2020, according to the Interview. Increased levels of remote working mean telehealth is a significant opportunity for One Call, which could lead the pack in this regard — if it makes the appropriate investments. 

The Interview also outlined the competitive landscape and key players. One Call is in a “tough spot”, the specialist said. “They don’t have a whole lot of goodwill built up, and they have some top-notch competitors to battle with.” Meanwhile, smaller regional players are springing up on almost a daily basis, pressuring One Call to compete on price “where they don’t have the infrastructure to do just that”. 

On the topic of M&A, the expert anticipates industry consolidation to occur relatively soon. “I personally see One Call being more valuable for the parts than the sum of the parts at this point, not to say that the new leadership team can’t turn that around, although it’s going to be a tall order,” he said.

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