Third Bridge launches Tearsheets & Primers

London 19 May 2023: Today Third Bridge, the world’s leading investment research company, launches Tearsheets & Primers - fundamental information on privately held companies from unique human insights, enabling investors to quickly understand a company in early-stage research.

Announcing the news, Emmanuel Tahar, Co-founder and CEO of Third Bridge said:

“Tearsheets and Primers enable investors to quickly understand a private company in early-stage research. Investors can now establish the basics of a private company within minutes, become more efficient at screening and prioritising deals, and uncover new opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This is our third new product in a row as we strive to offer the most integrated research service in the market.”

Each Primer is a highly-structured, 25-question, interview with a former executive, which covers a company overview, market growth and drivers, competitive landscape, and company performance, plus growth potential. Each Tearsheet is an easy-to-read, two-page summary of the Primer transcript which extracts the specialist’s quotes and data estimates then overlays company information, such as deal history and senior management.


Mergen Davaapil, Managing Director, at Third Bridge explained: 

“In partnership with some of our top PE clients, and their investment committees, we have isolated the key questions that everyone wants answers to when they are conducting early-stage research on privately held companies. The feedback from our clients is that the combination of Tearsheets and Primers frees up significant resources while also improving the focus of subsequent research.”

Tearsheets and Primers augment Third Bridge’s other four products. These are Maps and Community which support early-stage research plus Forum and Connections which support more advanced due diligence. No other independent research provider offers this combination of integrated tools.