Third Bridge launches Maps – a world first for investment research

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Today Third Bridge, the world’s leading investment research company, launches Maps – a new way to visualise public and private company value chains in a single view, helping investors fast-track early-stage research within minutes.

Announcing the launch Rodolphe de Hemptinne, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Third Bridge, said:

“Maps is a revolutionary way for professional investors to ‘see’ investment research and we are proud to launch a world first.  Maps enables analysts to be far more effective and undertake days worth of early-stage research in minutes. The feedback from clients has been outstanding with credit, PE and equity investors all praising how Maps provides a crucial first picture of how the market is structured for new investments and a powerful tool for digging deeper into potential investment targets.”

Third Bridge currently has almost 10k Maps featuring more than 100k+ companies and this coverage is growing rapidly.  Each value chain map illustrates an entity’s key structure, suppliers, customers, and competitors.  This allows investors to prioritise their research focus and navigate through Third Bridge’s integrated content platform.

Maps are created by Third Bridge analysts who conduct in-depth profiling sessions with senior executives possessing first-hand knowledge of an industry.  Prior to the launch of Maps, access to value chain information was typically fragmented, unqualified and outdated.

Discussing today’s investment research market Joshua Maxey, Co-Founder, said:

“We think visualization and integration are the next big moments for investment research.  Today’s market conditions mean investors don’t just have to outsmart their competitors, they need to outpace them too.  Our Forum product, which was launched in 2012, effectively defined a new ‘transcripts’ category.  We think Maps will become another must-have tool because it creates such an advantage through accelerated workflow.”

Maps is part of Third Bridge’s integrated research platform, which also incorporates Connections, a premium expert network service, and Forum, the world’s largest archive of in-depth interview transcripts.  Maps will also enable industry experts to better capture, structure and monetize their expertise.

Maps has been trialled with Third Bridge clients with strong positive feedback. Third Bridge, founded in 2007, serves over 1,000 of the world’s top private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and management consulting firms.  Its 1,200+ employees work across eight offices spanning New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.