Third Bridge launches Key Insights

(31 January 2022) Today, Third Bridge, a global investment research company, upgrades its Forum product with Key Insights - highlighting the critical investor takeaways across all regions and sectors. This move reflects client demand for short-form executive summaries of our one hour in-depth interviews between unbiased analysts and industry executives.

Third Bridge Key Insights are written by senior analysts (not AI-generated) and capture the takeaways an investment professional would consider critical when evaluating a position on a sector, industry or individual company.

Making today’s announcement, Joshua Maxey, CMO and co-founder of Third Bridge said:

“In 2012 we created a new category of investment research with our Forum product. We continue to lead this field with by far the largest content platform of its type including over 30,000 transcripts on-demand. Forum allows investors to capture critical human insights on potential targets in order to make better investment decisions.

“Today we are launching another key enhancement – extracting the need to know insights from our Forum interviews upfront. This will boost investor productivity and help our clients gauge which content is most relevant immediately.

“2022 is set to be our most innovative year yet with the launch of Key Insights, a radically improved digital experience, a huge increase in interview volumes across every sector, plus some really exciting visual content. This is against a backdrop of steady declines in the traditional equity research market seen over the past decade.”

Third Bridge’s Forum team handpicks their interview subjects, driven by the interests of our clients. Their focus ranges from exhaustive coverage of big names to granular insights on harder to access industries like German telemedicine or hydrogen in China. Forum content covers over 10,000 public and private companies, in all sectors around the world.

Third Bridge was founded in 2007 and today employs more than 1,200 people across seven offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Third Bridge’s research focuses on unlocking intricate market knowledge from industry experts, identifying critical knowledge for investors to make better investment decisions. The primary research market has seen unprecedented growth in the past five years. In January 2021 French private equity firm, Astorg, invested over $200m in Third Bridge, alongside its three original founders.

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