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Unrivalled research for investing in utilities

Utilities Investment Research

Understanding the regulations that control the utilities market is paramount when investing in this sector. Third Bridge helps credit investors enhance their understanding of the market to assist with investing in utilities with the human insights required for better decision making. Our professional services and SmartLink methodology ensure we’re on top of the latest trends and developments affecting the UK utilities market. We continuously monitor industries, stocks, macro-economic trends, and deal flow to identify the investment implications of changes in the utilities space for investors.

Actionable utilities insights

Third Bridge Forum closely monitors the UK utilities market and industry trends, such as how digital technology and renewable energy generation are transforming the sector, to unlock intricate market knowledge from the carefully selected specialists we interview. Investors can join the hour-long telephone Interviews and, once transcribed, access them through our client portal. We continuously monitor the utilities companies we cover as well as industry news and developments to determine the most relevant and pressing topics to explore when investing in utility companies.

Key features of Third Bridge Forum include:

  • Archive of 15,000 transcripts
  • 100-strong research team
  • 5,000 Interviews per year

Connecting with utilities experts

Complementing the extensive perspectives provided by Forum, Third Bridge Connections works with clients to understand which specific part of the utilities sector, or which utilities company, they need to learn more about. Connections provides direct access to prequalified industry experts through telephone consultations or private meetings, giving clients unfiltered insights into investing in utilities companies and trends on a one-to-one basis. Public equity investors can dig deep into the utilities issues that are important to them, specific to investing in water utilities for example, so they can make more confident investment decisions.

Key features of Connections include:

  • 500-strong research team
  • Eight global offices
  • Over 10,000 consultations per month
  • Robust compliance screening and review processes

Forum and Connections specialists are selected based on their experience and expertise and are subject to our meticulous compliance screening process, FactShield™. This is to ensure that the individuals we interview and connect investors with are verified and meet our high standards.

Contact us about investing in utility companies

If you’d like to find out more about how Third Bridge can assist your decision-making when investing in utilities, or to know more about becoming a specialist, contact us to discuss your requirements. To see how we have helped clients across various industries, please refer to our case studies.