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Australian utility-scale solar PV sector

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On 16 May 2019, Third Bridge Forum interviewed an executive at Simec Energy Australia, who offered insights into the headwinds within the utility-scale solar photovoltaics (solar PV) sector in Australia. The moderator noted that the Interview would be of interest to investors in credit, equity or private equity.

Australia’s Mission to Reach its Renewable Energy Target

After outlining his extensive experience within the energy sector, the Simec Energy Australia specialist discussed the renewable energy market in Australia and solar energy’s role within it. He explained that Australia is set to reach its renewable energy target ahead of the 2020 deadline, but that there are a number of factors affecting the revenue that energy generators receive for the energy they produce. This includes marginal loss factors (MLF) and increased uncertainty surrounding the recent elections.

The executive continued the discussion by noting areas of Australia where wind and solar PV energy capacity could be increased. He discussed areas such as Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, exploring why these states, in particular, were ideal for improving their supply of renewable energy sources.

While discussing the utility-scale solar capacity, the specialist explained the difficulties of selling energy to commercial or industrial companies instead of directly to the electrical grid. He voiced the opinion that the instability of energy generated from producers could prevent companies from using renewable energy sources, particularly if they operate 24/7.

The executive continued by outlining the causes of the delays to Australia’s solar project construction, highlighting the lead-times for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as a major cause of the disruption. He lastly explored the key project developers in the Australian solar sector and the potential opportunities, challenges and risks for these players in the next few years.

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