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Proprietary research in TMT Investments

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Keeping up with the pace of global innovation and understanding the intricacies of TMT sub-sectors — which include hardware, semiconductors, software, media and telecoms — can be challenging. But public investors can capitalise on the myriad opportunities and challenges across the dynamic TMT sector by leveraging Third Bridge’s primary research professional services.

Early TMT investment in emerging areas of the TMT market offers scope for higher returns, but there are often significant downside risks, which Third Bridge can help credit investors to understand. Due to the nature of new technologies, patents and other intellectual property within the TMT market, this sector is of particular interest to growth investors. With M&A and IPOs also commonplace, speaking to industry experts with extensive first-hand knowledge about specific issues and companies can help TMT investors make better informed decisions. Through our proprietary SmartLink methodology, we’re able to stay abreast of the latest developments across the TMT landscape by continuously monitoring industries, stocks, macro-economic trends and deal flow.

Deep TMT market analysis & insights

Third Bridge Forum shares proprietary expertise, knowledge and intelligence with clients through in-depth Interviews across TMT sub-sectors. Our mission is to bring human insights to TMT market analysis to complement traditional forms of investment research and ultimately drive better investment outcomes. SmartLink, our fine-tuned research methodology, is central for consistently uncovering insights in the TMT market.

We conduct over 100 TMT-focused Interviews a month with senior executives around the world who have worked at a range of high-profile as well as start-up companies. These unfiltered hour-long Interviews with industry specialists delve into some of the most topical issues affecting sub-sectors and value chains, uncovering unique insights and perspectives  on TMT investments that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. All Interview transcripts are invaluable resources for all types of TMT investors and can be downloaded via our client portal.

Key features of Third Bridge Forum include:

  • Archive of 15,000 transcripts
  • 100-strong research team
  • 5,000 Interviews per year
  • Expert connections in TMT investments

Through Third Bridge Connections, clients can build on the information and knowledge they have acquired in Forum Interviews and engage directly with a specialist on a one-to-one basis. These private interactions can take place via a telephone call or in-person meeting. Third Bridge identifies experts that can answer investors’ questions in a candid manner. Our global scale, extensive research team and thorough understanding of local industry mechanics allow us to confidently match specialists with clients.

Key features of Connections include:

  • 500-strong research team
  • Eight global offices
  • Over 10,000 consultations per month
  • Robust compliance screening and review processes

Forum and Connections specialists are selected based on their experience and expertise, and are subject to our meticulous compliance screening process, FactShield™. This is to ensure that the individuals we interview and connect investors with are verified and meet our high standards.

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