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Streaming industry update – Disney, Netflix, Hulu & AT&T

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A former head at Amazon Studios offered his perspective on the streaming industry, paying close attention to the operating environment, shifting content distribution strategies, as well as the potential winners and losers of 2019 and beyond.

Streaming Industry Update: Potential Winners and Losers for 2019

The specialist began the Interview by outlining the major trends within the industry. They explained the key differences between Netflix and other SVOD services such as Hulu, Apple, Amazon and AT&T. Despite the proliferation of direct-to-consumer (D2C) solutions like these, multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD) are likely to experience growth as virtual MVPDs gain popularity. Virtual MVPDs are online solutions including Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV that house the content that formerly only existed on linear television.

Popular content on Netflix such as Friends or The Office is going to be taken off the platform as content rights’ owners such as Disney and NBCUniversal launch their own streaming services. The specialist outlined the winners and losers in this situation. In their opinion, NBCUniversal could face some challenges with its current course of action, but also discussed that a streaming service could be used as an upsell platform for other products and services. Especially if the business already has access to a consolidated user profile and attached credit card for easier targeting and payment.

On the profitability of incorporating sporting events on streaming platforms, the specialist explained why these models have been ineffective, emphasised lead-in and lead-out programmes. They explained that most networks use these slots to launch or advertise a new show and explained why this was the case. The former head outlined the likelihood that CBS’s renewal for NFL would be exclusive and judiciously explained their outlook.

Lastly, the Interview covered the opportunities available for international expansion of the main streaming players. The difficulties involved with Hulu’s attempts to expand internationally were explored, and the specialist explained his bearish views on the name, before discussing WarnerMedia’s OTT service and its ability to offset falling ARPU at HBO.

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