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Google Cloud Significant Opportunities & Significant Competition

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Technology has evolved to the point where base services have become commodities — likened to oil — in cloud computing, with companies likely to choose vendors based on their security and regulatory needs, an industry expert told Third Bridge Forum.

All to play for in cloud computing space

The widespread migration of legacy software and services to the cloud is also still in its infancy, meaning the competitive hierarchy is by no means set in stone. Industry disruptors offering something “more and different” such as machine learning is one of the biggest trends to be aware of. And it’s “not just about the sales cycle”; developing solutions that accommodate various industry verticals is increasingly important to stand out in the crowd.

The Interview largely focused on how Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has been gaining market share and whether it is poised to become an even stronger competitor. GCP is currently the third most dominant player in this fast-growing market and a “technically superior solution to many other cloud alternatives”, according to the expert. The Interview suggested that GCP has a natural edge because it was purpose-built from scratch using many of the same technologies that power the likes of Gmail and YouTube. 

On the subject of industry pricing, “it’s really about land grab right now” and the environment is “extremely aggressive”. Although some vendors will drastically reduce their prices in order to get certain clients through the door, there is less room for negotiation when it comes to higher-end, value-based services. 

The Interview also touched on why GCP’s “biggest greenfield opportunity” is edge computing — which refers to servers or computers running in non-traditional locations — and the impact of recent leadership changes. 

As was also flagged in Third Bridge Forum’s Cloud providers in Europe – AWS vs Azure vs GCP Interview, the trend of larger enterprises increasingly adopting multi-cloud strategies was discussed. This, along with other factors, is giving buyers certain advantages when it comes to engaging with multiple vendors, the expert said. 

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